House Blends and gifts

“Tea is a meal for all seasons; it’s also suitable for all occasions.”

~Angela Hynes

Our house blends are special and unique to Teaberry’s Fine Teas. We can custom make blends to suite your mood, need, or taste . A number of our house blends are Business to Business teas, where we make a special blend for a local business in town, or in the valley here, sell it, serve it and advertise the business in question. In turn, the business serves it, sells it or gives it to customers, clients and friends. Its a wonderful way for us to keep our world here at Teaberry’s feeling like a community. Check out our “House Blends” in the left hand column of the page for a complete list.

Blended from premium herbs, spices, and teas we take the time to perfect our blends and love input from our customers. We thoroughly enjoy coming up with new ideas for blends and constantly have new concoctions in the works. Keep an eye out for new teas and special blends, or we can add you to our mailing list, where we keep you up to date on our newest teas and/or inventory.

Additionally, we carry different blends for every season. Here at Teaberry’s, we know you don’t necessarily want the same tea year round, so we come out with special teas suited for the weather and feel of the season. For instance, we have a warm and spicy blend for the winter season called “Fireside Spice” that will leave you feeling cozy during those chilly days when the winter wind is whipping at your door.  For autumn we have Okanagan Orchard (which has been so popular we often carry it all year long) which is filled with harvest fruits and herbs.  Summer time brings Lemon Meringue, Bellini and Sweet Summer Symphony, all are amazing hot or iced. Teaberry’s Cold and Flu brew is another favorite, sure to cure you (or at least ease your symptoms…) during the icky flu season.  Last but not least, we have Cindy’s Sleep Tonic, another favourite we make here at Teaberry’s, which is a perfect ‘evening tea’ to lull you into a blissful state so that you can drift off into dreamland peacefully.

So, take the time to check out our exclusive house blends and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Teaberrys also specially makes beautiful gift baskets and other gift packages. We can come up with wonderful gift ideas for any occasion you can think of. Just give us a general idea and we can work something out for you. We are also happy to do any gift wrapping for your gifting needs.

So, get in touch with us, and place your order today! We are just a phone call, or email away!

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